"Freedom Debt" App

Once you start to struggle with debts, it becomes the biggest problem in your life. The threatening phone calls, intimidating letters, fear of losing your home, and assets keep you up all night.
Freedom Debt which is a completely FREE app for you to download and use.

Freedom debt will help you every step of the way in getting you back in control of your finances. It’s as easy as just downloading the app to your phone and filling the details it requires.
The app will do the rest for you, it will find you the best solution to your debt problems. That will mean no more threatening calls, Letters, or Baillifs knocking at your door.

The best thing is its all government-backed and approved.

DEALING WITH YOUR CREDITORS. That is the first thing, Freedom debt will do for you, i.e. deal with your creditors. It will give you the best debt management solution, whether it is an IVA, DRO or DMP. This means your debt will become more manageable and will not hound you any longer.

If your debts have spiraled out of your control and have become unmanageable to an extent where you can not service your monthly payments anymore. This could be a dreadful situation to be in and brings a lot of misery. The Freedom Debt App is here and will put you back in control of your finances again.



1. Download the app
2. Register your account with it
3. List your Debts
4. List your income and expenditure
5. List your assets
6. Chat with us if required at any moment.
7. The solution is provided to you on the app after the submission of the data by you.

Below is the list of things it will do for you:

1. Calculate your total Earnings
2. Calculate your total Debt
3. Calculate your disposable
4. Negotiate with your Creditors
5. Help your write off a big percentage of your debts
6. Solve your debt problem by bringing your monthly payments down to, one single affordable payment every month.
7. Get you free from the intimidating calls, letters, bailiff visits, and court actions.


The debt solution app

Download the app and discover the best solution for your situation…

Freedom Debt gives you information about how to deal with your debt and we do not give you any advice on if the solution is the best. There could be other solutions available as well, that is better. We only offer the ones that we have got available.

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