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Who are Wescot?

Wescot Credit Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), under registration number 688858, to collect debts in England, Wales and Scotland. They are members of the Credit Services Association.

If you have received worrying information from this debt collector, contact us immediately for independent, confidential and free debt advice.

We will make it our job to explore all of your options, and aim to stop this debt collector from taking any further action against you. But you must act quickly!



Will Wescot Credit Services come to my house to collect debts?

Wescot may have appointed field agents to make home visits to discuss the alleged debt and its payment. These visits can be very distressing. not only for the person who is the named debtor, but for the entire family. This tactic can have a detrimental impact on your mental and physical health, and to the people around you.

As a long-established independent debt website, we have a vast experience of dealing with creditors. We understand the tactics that they use, and we can work with you to solve the problem.


How will Wescot chase me if I don’t pay?

Debt collectors use a computer analytics system to keep on top of information about their debtors. They usually follow debt collection tactics that make them the most profit.

The first point of contact Wescot debt collection may use is an introductory phone call and letter. This communication sets out their pre-action protocol. The debt letter explains the total amount of debt owed on your case, any charges or penalties which may have built up and a tight deadline for payment in full.

The next steps are generally:

  • A home visit
  • A county court judgement (CCJ), if you fail to repay the debt within this tight deadline
  • A threat of bankruptcy (usually if the debt is over £750)

Letters like this are standard with every debt recovery company and not just Wescot. It is essential not to take this information personally or to feel that there is nothing you can do. Please keep a copy of all the information they send you in relation to your debt and their claims. There is help at hand, but you should act quickly.

If Wescot has contacted you, contact us immediately with the information they have provided, and we will try to deal with them on your behalf.


How we help

Our employees have significant experience in dealing with creditors such as Wescot. As one of the largest debt websites in the United Kingdom, we pride ourselves on dealing with a high amount of debt-related cases in an empathetic, effective and speedy manner.

We request reviews from every single customer who we help. Some of our customers have given very detailed information on how we have helped them and how it has completely changed their lives. Please take the opportunity check out these reviews.

We deal with a variety of debt solutions and businesses. Our vast experience means that you will always find the best debt solution for yourself, without exception. As do not have ties to any particular firm, we can work hard to set conditions so you repay the very minimum payment that you need to.


What rights do Wescot Credit Services have?

Any business which chases consumers for outstanding debts has to follow a strict code of conduct. In our opinion, this practice needs significant changes as it seems to rely on intimidation.

Debt collectors focus on collecting as much money as they can. The welfare of the debtors is usually the last thing on their mind.

Wescot Credit Services can take the following actions:

  • They can send letters to addresses where they think that you live, including new addresses which you have not provided to them
  • Wescot debt collectors can call you on phone numbers which they believe you to have access to
  • A bailiff or bailiffs from Wescot Credit Services can come to your home, or appoint an agent to visit you
  • Wescot can add charges, interest and penalties in accordance with the original information agreement you entered into
  • Wescot Credit Services may have the “right to offset”. This right usually applies in situations when you have a debt with a bank, but you may also have money held within that same bank
  • If you do not pay on time, they may register a default linked to an account on your credit file
  • Wescot Credit Services can apply for a county court judgement (CCJ) through the courts. If you receive a CCJ on your credit file, it has a very negative effect on your credit rating and your ability to gain credit in the future
  • If your debt with Wescot Credit Services Ltd is over £5000, they can issue a statutory demand. The demand is usually the first step in petitioning for your bankruptcy. You would need to appoint a legal representative to represent you.


What rights do I have against Wescot Credit Services Limited?

You specific rights to protect you and your family’s wellbeing when dealing with debt collectors.

  • Wescot Credit Services can not harass you. They can contact you as many times as they want as long as this is ‘reasonable’. There is no concrete definition of what constitutes ‘reasonable’, but you should not feel a victim of harassment or bullying. However, you cannot use this as a defence to avoid repaying your debt. You can ask that Wescot only contact you in writing, but you must be responsive to their letters.
  • Wescot Credit Services cannot speak to a family member, friends, visitors or neighbours about your debts, without your permission. This rule is in line with UK data protection laws.
  • Wescot Credit Services cannot pretend that they have powers which they do not possess. In the past creditors have used documents which look like an official court document. A law has passed to prevent this from happening now.
  • Wescot Credit Services cannot use an approach that is threatening, abusive or tell lies to collect debts.

If you are worried about a message from Wescot Credit Services, call the number on top of this page, or click “Get Started for Free”. Our specialists can offer you free advice and information for dealing with the firm and their tricks, no matter what your situation is.

We treat everyone who comes to us with respect, help them to understand their status and options.

Wescot Letter


Wescot Credit Services Limited Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What happens if you ignore Wescot?

If you ignore information from Wescot Credit Services Limited, they can make a court claim. If they choose this method, you will receive a claim form through the post, and you would either have to pay in full or dispute the bill. If you dispute the bill against Wescot Credit Services Limited, you should take legal advice, as a lot of defences will not work as a justification not to comply in this situation.

If you are employed and have debts over £50, they could apply for an attachment of earnings order to take money from your wages.


Is Wescot Credit Services Limited a debt collector?

Yes, Wescot Credit Services Limited manages a debt recovery scheme that originates from a number of companies offering consumer credit, including credit card providers.

Once the company has sold your debt, you no longer work with that business to manage your debt; the debt collectors take over and will communicate with you about your repayment plans.


Can I write off my debts with Wescot Credit Services Limited?

You may have grounds to write off any debts that you have with Wescot Credit Services Limited if you have a total of five thousand or more of unsecured debts. The total debt balance can include loans, credit cards, catalogues, payday loans, overdrafts and any other unsecured debt.


Who do Wescot Credit Services collect for?

Wescot Credit Services Ltd are a collections agency, which means that they have the option to buy debts from a number of organisations and legally pursue them. They typically buy debts at a bulk rate of a few pence per pound. Some of the most common debts for collections agencies are mobile phone debt, council tax arrears, parking fines, car payments, benefit overpayments, loans, credit cards, telephone bills, power bills (water, electricity and gas).

If customers do not meet the terms of a credit agreement, for example, with a credit card company, their information can be passed to debt collectors.


How can I contact Wescot Credit Services?

You can contact Wescot Credit Services in the following ways:

  • Postal address: Wescot Credit Services Limited, PO Box 137, Hull HU2 8HF
  • Phone number: 01482 484673
  • Online: https://wescot.co.uk/
  • Email: contactus@wescot.co.uk


Are Wescot Credit Services regulated?

Yes, Wescot Credit Services Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


What if I have a complaint about Wescot Credit Services?

You can raise any complaints with Wescot by post to Customer Relations Team, Wescot Credit Services Limited, The Mash, Jarratt Street, Hull, HU1 3HB.

It’s important to explain the reason for your complaint, including any evidence for things you mention, the names of any staff who are relevant to your case, and your signature. You can expect a reply that addresses the points you have outlined.

Wescot are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so if you are not satisfied with how they handled your complaint, then you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service as follows:

The Financial Ombudsman Service complete investigations into financial service complaints, and they ensure the business under investigation has complied with the necessary rules, standards and provided a fair outcome for the borrower, or customer. The OFT is no longer involved.


How do I pay Wescot Credit Services?

Westcott debt repayment customers can make payments to their accounts in the following ways:

  • Online
  • Direct debit
  • Debit card
  • Paypoint
  • Cheque
  • Postal order
  • Standing order
  • Settlement agreement


Are Wescot a legitimate company?

Wescot Credit Services Limited is the official name of the company. It’s a legitimate business registered in Scotland under reference number SC084131. They have a registered office address in Scotland at Kyleshill House, Glencairn Street, Saltcoats, Ayrshire KA21 5JT.


Why are Wescot calling me?

Wescot debt collectors typically make phone calls on mobiles and landlines to anyone who they believe owes money to a lender they have bought debt from. You can ask them to send you proof of this liability.

They will want to know your earnings, and the value of your property, and they will make demands for repayment. Their staff may receive a bonus for the money they collect so you can expect them to be more focussed on that, than whether you can still pay your rent.


What is a CCJ?

A CCJ is a County Court Judgment, which is a formal legal decision made by a County Court, which involves the Court instructing you to repay the debt.

The Court records CCJs, if a debtor does not repay what they owe in full within one month of the CCJ notice, on a publicly accessible register called the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines. A CCJ will appear on a personal credit report for six years, and reduce the individual’s chances of securing credit in the future.

If a creditor makes a court order against you, they can also apply for a charging order, which secures the money you own on your assets, such as your house.


How can I repay my debts with a third party debt collection agency?

If you have received a letter or a card from a debt collector, contact us immediately for independent, confidential and free debt advice. Our understanding team will support you with the respect and performance that you need.

The debt collection company may offer you a budget calculator to help you estimate the best way to repay your debts, for example, through a payment plan. Most debt collection agencies will give the choice of a number of payment methods, including:

  • Online payments (lump sum repayments or part payments)
  • A phone number to call
  • Bank transfers
  • Cheque
  • Direct debit
  • Standing order

When selecting a payment plan, also known as installments, it’s crucial to choose a way that is most affordable based on your income, such as wages, and financial obligations. If you fail to pay instalments on a debt repayment plan, then this could lead to further fees and legal action. Do not ignore communications from debt collectors as they can spiral into a crisis, and put additional stress and costs into your life.

If you have a question about anything to do with a debt collection agency that is contacting you, then you are of course welcome to contact us. We pride ourselves on excellence and support lots of clients in this way. We receive many messages of thanks for our services.


What is Wescot’s registered office address?

Wescot have a registered office in Scotland at Kyleshill House, Glencairn Street, Saltcoats, Ayrshire KA21 5JT.


What is an IVA?

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formal agreement in place between a consumer and creditors to pay part or all of a debt. For example, an individual may owe money to banks, HMRC, utility companies and the council; the insolvency practitioner would make an arrangement with each creditor for the duration of the IVA.


What is Wescot Co UK?

https://wescot.co.uk/ is the official corporate web site of Wescot debt collectors. If you click to enter its navigation you’ll see messages about accepting cookies, and its copyright.


Where can I go for debt help?

Institutions such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and StepChange can support you with tips, guidelines, and support with your circumstances.

Please note that debt is something that impacts millions of people around the world; you don’t have to deal with everything on your own. In fact, by reading just an article, seeing a video or posts from a supportive body, you will find evidence and confirmation that there is a lot you can do.

If you are receiving threats or have a question, then reach out to one of these bodies, or to our team of experts who will answer your questions and turn your money problems into results.

Our staff make it their business to look after your interests, to support and guide you through the process so you can rest easy at night. Call us for free on 0800 233 5753.


I think my debt letter is a mistake

If you think the debt collection agency has made a mistake on the record of a debt, you can ask them to supply proof that you owe this money and to list what costs, interest rate or charge they have added to your case. You have the right to ask a question or make a point on anything that you think is unclear or incorrect, and to receive a response to your enquiry.

It’s not uncommon to receive a notification about a debt relating to another party. The agent may ask you to prove your identity before they will remove your address details from their collection database. It’s important to ensure that you do not become the owner of someone else’s debt

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